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Musicware for CD/DVD Stores for Windows

for New & Used Music Stores, CD stores and DVD stores

Musicware is one of the finest Inventory Control and Point-of-Sale software for music, record, and CD and DVD Stores. Musicware was one of the first POS software applications to specialize in providing systems designed by music store owners for music store owners, and continues to maintain that quality of design today. We are proud that over the years, we have successfully computerized the daily operations of hundreds of music, record, and CD stores in the US and overseas.  Extreme Point of Sale, Inc has been proud to bring you Musicware since 2001.

We work closely with industry groups such as NARM and Soundscan, as well as music wholesalers in the USA. Our software is compatible with databases from Super D, VPD, BRE Software and others.

Musicware is SoundScan compatible!


  • Add, change, and review inventory

  • Quick Import from vendor databases such as AEC or Discogs

  • Track rental items

  • Handles various item number types (UPC, EAN13, ISBN, and user defined)

  • Microsoft SQL Server database engine, either on premise or in the cloud

  • Automatically generate barcodes on the fly

  • Sales history tracking for both new and used items

  • Create Departments with options for touch screens.

  • Buy, Sell, Trade and Rent

  • A complete retail solution for stores handling new and used products. Ring up sales, trade-ins, and rental items on the same invoice!

  • Interface with Industry Databases

  • Save a great amount of data entry time by pulling information from the Superfile database. Easily track your Soundscan reporting information!

  • Power Over your Inventory

  • Know your exact inventory levels. Automatically fill out purchase orders for low stock items. Keep your stock levels of new and used items at the level YOU want!

  • Improve Customer Care

  • Speed up your transactions. Suggest used product instead of new in order to increase your profit margins. Have a quick, accurate lookup to see if an item is in stock. Make your customers feel as though they've gotten the highest quality of service possible!

  • Keep Track of your Customers

  • Your current customers are your most likely future customers. Keep a mailing list for them. Keep accounts for a credit line, or for store credit from trade-ins. Make occasional mailings of special offers to bring them back to your store.

  • Various sales and inventory reports

  • Rental reports

  • Accounts receivable

  • Customer sales history

  • "Top Sellers" reports

  • Employee hours and wages

  • Gift Card Reports

  • Manual and automatic filters for fast ordering

  • Accept as ordered, positive and negative receiving

  • Add customer "special orders" to purchase orders

  • Intuitive customizable invoicing screen

  • Buy/Sell/Rent/Trade Inventory

  • Customer backorders, special requests

  • Add customers on the fly, create customer barcode labels for quick scanning at POS

  • Multiple invoice printing options

  • Put invoices on hold

  • Customer accounts receivable (payments on account)

  • Sell and redeem Gift Cards

  • Take preorders on upcoming items

  • Supports Rear Customer Display Application


Musicware Preorders
Musicware Preorders
Purchase Orders
Purchase Orders

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